Tennessee Family Suffers Tragic Loss In Interstate Collision

Distracted Driver

Distracted Driver

One of the main jobs of an experienced Nashville automobile accident lawyer is to determine exactly what caused a collision. The focus of this investigation is to determine liability (fault) so that a case can proceed to a remedy. For the most part an investigation can find the cause but other times the question why families lost members can never be answered.

Reference and article on the website of Memphis Tennessee TV station My Eyewitness News. In an unexplainable fatal interstate collision a Memphis family suffers the tragic loss of 3 members. According to the article the accident occurred near Steele Missouri on I-55 when an unidentified Illinois man crossed the median and hit the car of Howard and Vontina Gilliland head-on, killing them and one other passenger. Two children ages 5 and 7 were not seriously injured. My prayers go out to the friends and family of the Gilliland’s.

What causes a driver to leave the highway, cross the median and slam into another car. I don’t have any independent information about this accident other than what I read in the article but as an experienced Nashville automobile accident attorney I am familiar with a number of reasons that a fatal interstate collision like this one could happen.

Distraction from the primary task of driving could present a serious and potentially deadly danger. There has been increased attention on the danger of distracted driving recently, specifically on the dangers of cell phone use and texting while driving. Other secondary task involvement includes eating, drinking, conversing with passengers, as well as interaction with invehicle technologies and portable electronic devices. Less obvious forms of cognitive distractions such as daydreaming or dealing with strong emotions also present potentially dangerous situations for drivers. Last, but not least, the driver may have experienced some sort of medical emergency that caused him to lose control and crash. An autopsy may shine some light on this option.

If you or a loved one is injured or killed in a Tennessee car crash by a distracted driver or a case like the present one that will require and experienced Tennessee automobile accident lawyer contact the lawyers at Phillip Miller & Associates for a free consultation to learn about your rights and remedies.

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